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Interesting Facts About Carrara Marble

Marble is one of the most popular materials in the world when it comes to expensive counter-tops in high-end kitchens.

It provides a solid work surface that never stains, never chips, and is extremely easy to clean. Mankind has been making use of marble for thousands of years, and it’s proven to be a durable material that has served us in many, different ways.

Not all marble is equal, however, and there are some varieties that tend to be superior to others. Here we will be looking at Carrara Marble, widely considered to be the very best in the world.

What Is Carrara Marble?

Found in the Carrara region of Italy, this stone has a alabaster white appearance and is incredibly durable. It’s use dates back to the time of the Ancient Romans, who discovered the stone and quickly began utilising it for their many creations, including temples, sculptures, and more.

The Greeks also made use of this marble, which is why it’s easy to find it in many ancient Greek artefacts and structures. The Carrara Marble quarry is still there to this day, and it continues to produce the famous marble that’s widely used across much of the world.

Michelangelo’s Choice Of Marble

Michaelangelo is a name that most people of heard of. This Renaissance-era artists created some of the greatest pieces of art in the ancient world, many of which are still on display in museums throughout the globe.

He almost exclusively made use of Carrara Marble for his creations, such as the State of David, and the fact that many have survived intact hundreds of years later is testament to the durability of the stone.

It’s Many Uses

While it’s most often associated with the creation of churches and artwork, Carrara Marble has a number of unique uses.

The dust from this stone is often used as an ingredient for glues, toothpaste, and plastics, making it endlessly versatile, and endlessly valuable.

It’s Exported Worldwide

This special material is so popular that Italy exports it across the globe every year. In fact, it’s reported that Italy experts to a total of 140 different countries and it’s a business that brings in half a billion dollars annually, making it extremely profitable, and investing in it would allow an investor to buy Bitcoin instantly.

The fact that it’s able to produce this much marble for this many countries shows just how massive the famous Carrara Marble mine really is.

Italian Quality

The quality of the marble isn’t just down to the natural formation of the rock. The Italians have spent centuries perfecting the art of removing the marble from the ground.

Part of this is just digging out the marble, but there are also intricate and delicate tools that they implement in order to get the best pieces out of the marble in order to export it. During the excavation process, a number of other valuable stones are extracted from the ground, making these a by-product of the marble, which are also often sold off.