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Actors You Didn’t Know Have Been On Broadway

For so long, it was thought that an actor was either a stage actor or a film actor. Many did not believe in crossing over from one to the other because there is quite the difference in the technique required to pull off convincing performances.

While the emotion and character depth might be the same, theater is so much bigger and film is so much smaller.

However, there has been quite a big crossover lately, with many A-list Hollywood stars taking a turn on Broadway. In fact, some have enjoyed so much success on the stage that you may be wondering what happened to the actor if you aren’t a lover of theater.

Adam Driver

Most people know him as the villain of the latest Star Wars trilogy, Kylo Ren. He’s also well known for his stint on the hit television show Girls. However, Adam Driver is actually a big fan of stage acting and has been treading the boards for many years. One of his latest ventures was Burn/This, staring opposite another television star, Keri Russel.

Nicole Kidman

This actress is proper Hollywood royalty, but she also likes to take a turn on stage from time to time. One of the biggest hits she appeared in on Broadway was The Blue Room. This was back in 1998 and Kidman starred opposite Ian Glen.

The pair were directed by Sam Mendes, who went on to become an Oscar-winning director.

Alec Baldwin

To most, Alec Baldwin is the leading face of the Baldwin clan in terms of Hollywood actors. He has starred in hit movie after hit movie, as well as a number of hit television shows. He is well known for his appearances on SNL, with some of the most memorable impersonations ever done on the show (Donald Trump springs to mind).

However, he is also one of the darlings of Broadway, making his debut there back in 1986 in the comedy Loot. He has returned to perform in a number of big plays in the years since.

Andrew Garfield

Tom Holland isn’t the only Spider-Man to make a big splash on the stage. It’s well known that the latest actor to play the role made his start on the West End in Billy Elliot. However, before Holland donned the suit, Andrew Garfield starred as the superhero in two films for Sony. In between those films, Garfield hit the Broadway stage a number of times.

It was in 2012 when he made waves in Death of a Salesman, gaining a Tony nomination. Then in 2018, he won the Tony for his portrayal of Prior Walter in Angels in America.

Scarlett Johansson

It seems that Broadway is catching for Marvel superheroes in the same way the betting online NZ is catching for sports fans! Scarlett Johansson hit Broadway back in 2010 for the first time, getting a Tony for her debut in the play A View From the Bridge.

This was also all at the same time she was gaining Hollywood momentum through the Iron Man franchise.