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5 Of The Most Famous Sculptures In The World

Throughout history, there have been works of art that have stood out for being important for a number of reasons: what they symbolise, where they were made, the inspiration behind them, and more. We take a look at five of the most famous sculptures that have inspired the world and elicit awe in all who see them.

1. David by Michelangelo

When people think about sculptures or statues, David is probably the one that springs to mind first for many. It is truly iconic and the story behind its creation shows the genius that was Michelangelo.

The story goes that the block of marble had been discarded by other artists for not being good enough. Michelangelo disagreed and created this masterpiece at the age of only 26. The piece depicts David, the hero from biblical times, before his epic encounter with Goliath.

2. Moai on Eater Island

Every year, tourists flock to the Easter Island to see the megalithic statues that line the Rano Raraku quarry and are dotted along the coastline of the land mass. They are extraordinary works that are credited to the people who lived on the island between 1400 and 1650 AD.

The statues were carved to honour the chieftains and other people of importance who had passed away.

3. Non-Violence by Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd

This bronze sculpture was originally created in response to the murder of John Lennon. Many know it as the Knotted Gun. It’s a replica of a Colt Python .357 Magnum revolver.

The original version first lived in New York’s Central Park and was moved to United Nations headquarters. It has since become a symbol for The Non-Violence Project.

4. The Thinker by Auguste Rodin

Originally called The Poet, this statue was initially one element of Rodin’s larger work, The Gates. This was inspired by the Divine Comedy and the man in the statue was meant to represent Dante, the author.

A larger version of the sculpture has since been made larger and many casts have been made. You can now find The Thinker in various places around the world, and it could even inspire you to ponder a little about your wager before you place bets at NZ betting sites!

5. Christ the Redeemer by Paul Landowski, Heitor da Silva Costa and Albert Caquot

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t seen an image of this sculpture. It’s the large statue that stands above the city of Rio de Janiero in Brazil. It stands 30 metres tall plus an 8 metre pedestal, making it the largest Art Deco style sculpture in the world.

The actual statue has then been placed 700 metres above the city on the Corcovado. The statue was unveiled in 1931 and has become a symbol for Christianity around the world. In recent times, it has also become one of the Seven Wonders of the World.