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The Most Shocking Performance Art Ever Listed

There is a common idea that artists must suffer for their art, at least for the artwork to be truly impactful. This notion is perhaps especially true with performance art, where sometimes the artist doesn’t just suffer but may even actually die. Here is some truly shocking performance art that went too far, cost the artist their life or is otherwise extremely distasteful.

Art Through the Ages: The Main Styles of Art

Whether you’re a professional artist or a total amateur, everybody knows at least a little bit about art. At the very least, most people learnt a little bit about art during their schooling career, and most likely attempted to create artworks of their own. Of course, some of us would’ve been more successful than others!

The World’s Very Best Art Museums

One of the best ways of visiting and appreciating famous artworks is by stopping by a museum for a few hours. Sure, it might be cheaper and easier to simply stay at home and look at the same art through a website, but this doesn’t provide the same sense of presence as seeing the art right in front of your eyes. This is especially true with artists that make use of art styles that have some depth to them – Vincent Van Gogh is a prime example of this.

Who Were The Main Pioneers Of Performance Art?

As perhaps the oldest form of creative expression in human history, performance art – in its modern format – is a comparatively new addition to the world of western fine arts. Its path has been winding – in the context of modern and contemporary art history – until its ultimate acceptance. Now performance art has a leading status. From early developers of the form to current mould-breakers, we explore some of the top players in the constant evolution of this so very human form of expression.

Who Was Antoni Gaudí?

Antoni Gaudí was a native of Catalonia, Spain, and a supporter of Catalan modernism, a style closely associated with Art Nouveau, before creating his own unique style. His buildings are known around the world, although the most famous is probably La Basílica de la Sagrada Família, which is still under construction. It will be completed in 2026.

Strange Theatre Superstitions That Are Still Alive

There have been a range of different myths and superstitions that have plagued theatre for many years. Most stemming from the olden days of theatre, it’s surprising to see that some of these myths are still alive and well.

Thespians can be surprisingly superstitious folk, this could be as they were trained to be that way, or just a clutch for anything that could prevent mishaps on stage. Regardless of why, there are some pretty strange superstitions which are ongoing until today.

Famous Landscape Paintings From Throughout History

Landscape painting is one of the oldest art movements in the world, as popular as it is today as it was thousands of years ago without ancient ancestors. The focus of a landscape painting is to try and accurately capture a specific scene as closely as possible. The scenes and subjects in question are almost always based on natural settings, often consisting of mountain ranges, forests, vistas, and other similar scenes.