DONNA WILK Botanic Materials Artist

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Ultraviolet light, oxygen and humidity are among the main factors leading to gradual fading of art created with pressed plant materials when protective measures are not taken. The artist’s husband, Peter, and her son, Richard, both engineers, have developed a unique method to counter these deleterious effects.

This method encompasses basic principles used in the preservation methods of the original American Declaration of Independence document. In essence the document is housed in a hermetically sealed container with an inert gas and controlled humidity.

At Art With Blooms Peter and Richard encapsulate the art in an enclosure comprised of high quality anti-reflective, UV blocking glass front viewing pane and a backplane. Acid-free materials are used throughout. The enclosure is sealed to provide an air tight environment for the encapsulated art.

An inert gas is introduced and, depending on the size of the case, pressure relief valves are installed to limit an excessive pressure differential between the inside and the outside of the case. Humidity variation is limited to prevent the art from becoming too dry and brittle, or too damp. The display case is then framed using a second pane of an anti-reflective UV blocking glass, high quality mats, fillets, and attractive moulding. Having two panes of anti reflective UV blocking glass provides an additional degree of protection from UV damage.

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