DONNA WILK Botanic Materials Artist

Sources of Leaves and Flowers

Lakeside vegetation is rich in such materials as bulrushes, water lilies, and skunk cabbage, among many others. Fall bulrush leaves look like natural wood and can be used to depict wooden objects. Water lily pads and skunk cabbage come in handy when creating landscapes.

Seaweed found on oceanside beaches may be effectively used as tree or shrub branches.

Lakeside & Oceanside

My Garden

Some snapshots of my garden which keeps me busy pressing throughout spring, summer and fall.

Hikes in Remote Areas

Only Giclées are available on this website. Originals may be purchased in our Gallery or at the Shows.

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Forests are rich in materials for a botanic artist: flowers, leaves, grasses, ferns, mosses, and bark to name a few.  Visits to the forest in winter can result in some interesting finds. Leaves bleached by the elements may be used for landscapes, architectural structures and animals. Please be aware of protected species and respect local bylaws. Also be aware of potential dangers, such as ticks and falls – been there!

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